12 Unusual Ways To Make Money Online!

Today, nearly 4 million Americans work from home. Some are forced by situations, while others prefer to work from home, and others just want to make some extra cash.

Whatever your reason is, making money from home has become easy due to the many opportunities available. Below are some of the unusual legitimate ways you can earn money online or from home.

Dungeons and Dragons: Be a Professional Dungeon Master on Roll20.net

The Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy roleplaying game whereby players are characters in an ongoing fantasy story.

The Dungeon Master is the game’s referee and storyteller and plays the role of the inhabitants while maintaining the setting in which the adventure occurs. He/she controls all the aspects of the game, apart from the actions of the player characters.

As a professional DM, you can make money DMing on Roll20.net. Roll20 provides a set of digital tools that expand pen-and-paper gameplay. It offers an excellent platform where professional Dungeon Masters can earn some cash. Continue reading

Why Turn Your Kids Drawings Into T-Shirts?


My son drawing.

I believe one of the best gifts you can give to your children is the knowledge and skills to become an entrepreneur. It’s not for everyone, and you can’t force it, but at least you can show them a few things at an early age.

Artists are especially resistant to learning to sell and market their products. This is probably because many of them believe art is to be seen and not necessarily paid for, or they are totally focused on producing the artwork and hope that it alone with sell itself. Most artists are not comfortable in the ‘salesman’ role, which is what makes them artists and not ‘sellers’.

My son is a budding artist. He’s 9. And he likes to draw (although lately he has been spending the majority of his time with Legos and Mega Blocks). Over the years I saved most of his work, and set aside a few of his best drawings and put them in a drawer. I had no intentions other than to make sure we didn’t lose the best ones.

As Christmas approached I started thinking about gifts or experiences that were not what Santa usually brings at Christmas. I wanted to give him something totally unique and then it came to me. Why not put his drawings on a T-shirt?

He loved the idea (I broke it to him early because I was so excited) and I found a relatively easy way to get his artwork from paper and then onto a t-shirt. But then another idea came to me. Why not take it a step further and teach him a little bit about marketing and selling and using his t-shirts as a starting point? Continue reading

Add RSS To Your WordPress and HTML Sites and Generate Affiliate Revenue!

top-secretIn this tutorial on how to add an rss feed to your site so that you can get affiliate revenue or pay per click revenue from eBay Partner Network!

Th eBay partner network got rid of their Editor Kit which allowed you to generate live feeds of listings on eBay.com. It was great because it would allow you to generate listings in any category, so if you were writing an article on antique tea pots you can place a live feed of antique tea pots in your post, and if anyone clicked and/or bought you would get paid.

Now the only way to do this is to use what’s called an rss parser to accomplish the same thing. Here is the email they sent me in response to my request for assistance on this issue: Continue reading

How To Increase Traffic By 53%!

This article on how to increase traffic and recover from the Google updates is for SEO dummies, like myself. It’s for the average Internet marketer who is not technical and does not know all the in’s and outs of SEO.

I Was Living The High Life Up Until Late 2011 – 2012!

Here’s one screen shot of a niche website that I built over a few years, in a really lazy way. I was getting a fair amount of traffic and making a small monthly income without doing much work. I had a total of 754 pages on this site, about 70% was user generated content (people who were submitting their own content to my site): Continue reading

A Social Media Technique That Spreads The Word!


Sharing content with your subscribers and Facebook followers is a very good way to prove you are the expert in your niche. It also spreads goodwill and engagement which means you’ll get more followers and more traffic to your website.

But you have to share good content. If you are sharing ‘thin’ content and offers all the time your brand will diminish and your site or fan page will dwindle to almost nothing. So share good quality information both yourself and other websites. You’ll be paid back as a result of your goodwill…

This video describes the basic technique I’ve been using for years. But below is a more advanced technique that you may want to try (see step 4)…

It’s been said that you should share at least one good bit of content per week. I agree with that, but I try to share up to two or three times per week depending on the content I have available. Continue reading

How To Turn Youtube Videos To Text!

If you want to turn Youtube Videos To Text you’ll need to have a software program called Youtube SRT Downloader 1.0 (UPDATED).

Here’s what you do:

1. Search on Youtube for the videos you want to turn to text.

2. Go to Features on Youtube and sort by Closed Captions.

3. Copy the link from your browser and paste it into your Youtube SRT Downloader.

4. Save the SRT file.

5. Open the SRT file with Notepad.

6. Clean up the SRT file you turned into text and now you have text that you may or may not be able to use (make sure you have the right to use the text to stay out of trouble).

What Is An SRT File?

An SRT File is a subtitles file that is used in videos. I am not an expert in the area.

Assuming you can use this text, now you have quality content on niche subjects you never would gotten without using this technique.

Are You Uploading Videos To Youtube?

If you are uploading videos to Youtube there are benefits to using closed captions on your videos. You’ll get more viewers: the hearing challenged are a large segment that like to watch videos and learn online. And it’s really good for SEO.

I’ll do another video and article just on the subject of using subtitles and transcription to boost your video SEO!

If you enjoyed or learned from this article on how to turn Youtube Videos to Text please like and share this article and the video. Share the love 🙂

And don’t miss my User Generated Content Video (program). It’s doing very well for a lot of smart Internet Marketers.

How To Make Money With PLR

Many newbie marketers want to learn how to make money with PLR, and the truth is, it’s not difficult. In fact it’s quite easy – if you have a list. And if you have a list that means you probably have a site that gets traffic, or you are buying traffic to build your list.

But if you don’t have traffic, or you don’t have a site, but you want to make money with PLR, then you need to start with the basics (skip down if you already know this part)…

First, start building a site. Build a quality site with killer content that the search engines can’t ignore. I will not go into how to build a site because there are numerous tools and courses on how to accomplish this important task using WordPress or other tools. You can read my free ebook on the subject.

The good news is that PLR is a solid content marketing tool for online businesses – if done correctly…

There are many ways to use PLR to grow your business. But the problem is that most beginner Internet marketers don’t use it the right way and either hurt their business, or don’t get the results they were trying to achieve. Continue reading

Pen Name Legalities For Authors and Marketers!

pen nameMy pen name guide (pseudonym): I was concerned about the legalities of using a pen name for ebooks, websites (blogs), and even webinars or teleseminars. So I hired a lawyer to do a write up about the legal in and outs of using a pen name for writing or online marketing.

What he wrote is in ‘legaleze’ so hopefully you can wrap your head around it. Continue reading

An Introuction To Brian Maroevich:

brian maroevich

That’s Me After A Hard Trail Run Up In Truckee CA.Hi! My name is Brian Maroevich (that’s me after a grueling trail run in Truckee, California where we have a little get away cabin).

I am a bit of a Renegade in the Internet Marketing field. I started back in the late 1990’s, and got real serious about it in 1999-2000.

At the time I was deeply involved in offline direct response marketing in the Insurance Industry (and I still am still in that niche). But I started to transition to the Internet because I was having some success there.

Side Bar: Please excuse this new site. You can see my old sites here: Amazing Prospecting Letters and LeadStampede.com.

I also have a webmaster blog where I have tools created for my own use, and you can take a look at them.

It wasn’t long before I had thoughts of selling ‘Internet Marketing’ material back in the early days. I even recorded a few interviews with some big names at the time like, Yanik Silver and Michael Campbell.

But I didn’t feel good about creating a ‘How To’ Internet marketing course because I wasn’t making a full time income doing it. So how could I go out there and teach it to someone else? It was hard to back away from it because all the big marketers had affiliate programs for their courses and I really wanted to sell them and make a commission. But I just couldn’t do it. I wanted to prove myself first.

I persevered past these greedy thoughts, and years later I can now walk the talk because I am making a full time income working part time, and I make 99% of it in niches that have nothing to do with Internet Marketing.

Books By Brian:

It didn’t take all those years to be successful though. I just didn’t want to compete with the big names in Internet Marketing, so why bother when I was enjoying what I was already doing?

In addition to my Internet business, my wife and I own two salon and spa’s. She runs them, and I do the marketing.

I was interviewed by Bill Glazer (for the Glazer Kennedy Gold Inner Circle membership CD, which was a huge honor for me), for my marketing material for our salons.

So why am I telling you all this?

The reason I am telling you about some of my accolades and experience is because I am a real person who is a real entrepreneur both online and offline, with results to back it up. I really have built and continue to build successful websites (or mini Internet businesses), and I did it using simple but effective strategies. Not with ‘magic’ software that some guy built in his mom’s basement, and not with crazy linking techniques. None of those things work.

Anyway, I guess what I am trying to tell you is if you are not having success in the Internet Marketing arena, and you really want to be successful you have to focus on effective long term ‘grass roots’ strategies that will build a quality business, and not get caught up in all the hype around the latest software or WordPress theme.

If you do get caught up in automation software, and viral software, and linking strategies, and content curation, etc. you will be out of business in a hurry. It’s the basic grass roots stuff that builds a business.

Once you get these things down you can test out the new wiz bang software. OK, now I’ll get off my soapbox…

Profile of Brian Maroevich:

  • Married to an amazing woman (Angie).
  • Has three magical children who are way better than him in every way.
  • Enjoys keeping fit (right now through JuiJitsu (BJJ), and trail running).
  • Was a semi professional drummer.
  • Used to surf all the time before family and business took priority.
  • And that’s enough on Brian for now J