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I have an iPhone and have used three different barcode scanning apps for finding profitable items to sell on Amazon and Ebay.

I currently only use the FREE Amazon app which you can get easily on the Android or iPhone (read this article to understand why I do not use FBA Scan anymore). The two I will discus are FBA Scan and the Amazon scanner.

I am going to show you how to use and understand them both.

Here Is How To Use FBA Scan:

If you want to use your iPhone like I do and use the free trial of FBA Scan here is what you do. First, download the FBA Scan app. Just search for FBA Scan…


  • Next: Scan the barcode on any item. Here is a DVD I found:


  • After you scan it in, this is what you see on your FBA Scan App:


As you can see in the image above there are four columns. Let me break them down for you:

  • The column on the far right labeled ‘New’ is what the current prices are for this DVD new but through sellers who are not listing it in the FBA program.
  • The next column is labeled ‘Used’. This column shows the prices of the DVD through sellers who are selling it and fulfilling the order themselves as a used DVD. So it will be the used price plus whatever they charge for shipping/handling. The letters V,A, and G next to the price stand for Very Good, Acceptable, and Good. The numbers next to the letters are the number of DVD available in that condition. For example, (A,3) means there are 3 DVD’s in Acceptable condition at that price.
  • The column labeled ‘FBA’ shows what other sellers are selling this DVD through the FBA program. The letters next the price show that these sellers are selling this DVD New. For example 44.95 (N,3) means that there are three sellers selling the DVD at $44.95, in New condition.
  • The ‘Net’ column shows what the net profit is for selling a DVD at the FBA prices as shown in the FBA column. For example, the seller who is selling the DVD for $40.80 is going to net $32.50 (This screen shot was taken before a fee increase so his or her net will be about two dollars lower now).

Like I said I just stopped using that app but you may want to use it yourself because it does have advantages (re-read above). I use the Amazon app right now because I am not doing a whole of Library books sales anymore (at least not at the moment), and I have a good idea as to what the profit loss will be for most products.

Here’s how the Amazon Bardcode Scanning App. First download the app. You know how to do that, right? Good!

  • Tap either the search box or the little bar code thingy to the right of the search box…


  • If you tap the search box you will see the image below. Tap Scan it…


  • If you tap the barcode thingy you will instantly go the the scanning feature. Scan the barcode of a book or dvd or any product with a barcode…


  • The orange lines will turn green and your phone may vibrate and then redirect you to what it finds on Amazon:


After you use the barcode scanning app you can see what it finds so that you can research the pricing of the product and it’s worth your time and money to buy and list it on Amazon.

What you want to do is look at how many new and used versions of your product are for sale and at what price. Remember that Amazon takes a percentage and fees from each of your products. Read this article on how to understand Amazon’s two selling platforms which you can participate in.


You are now ready to start finding items to sell on the FBA platform. If you start today you will start making money is just 1 – 2 weeks because it takes a few days for your package of goodies to arrive at Amazon. And shortly after they receive your package of goodies (they’ll send you an email like this…)



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