Easy Way To Remove Labels For Amazon FBA Listings

Here’s a twist on an old way to remove labels for Amazon FBA:

As you probably know by now, many items you buy at thrift stores or at clearance events have labels that are often very difficult to remove.

And one way to remove these little pains in the rear is to use manual label removers. I’ve been doing this for a long time now. I use them in conjunction with Goo Gone.

But it can still be a very labor intensive process especially if you are dealing with stubborn labels.

I finally figured a way to remove stubborn labels very quickly and efficiently. What we used to do with stubborn labels was use my wife’s hair dryer to heat them up. But I found that we were spending a lot of time using the hair dryer on the labels. The idea was to heat the label and soften them up. But hair dryers don’t have enough heat and so it was really slow, still.

So one day I was in the garage using my heat sealer (the large machine that fits plastic around products like books, dvd’s – You should get one) on some products we were listing on Amazon and I was using the heat gun that was attached to it to shrink the wrap around the products.

Below me as I worked was a text book with an old stubborn label that was a pain in the rear to remove, and I was close to damaging the text book using the plastic label removers.

So I picked it up and put the heat gun on the label for a short time, and then used the plastic label remover. And it came off almost right away with no problems.

After I removed the label I used a tiny bit of Goo Gone and wiped it with a micro fiber cleaning cloth for the best results, and it was ready for labeling for FBA! It was so easy.

If you are using a blow dryer for removing labels forget about it. Use a heat gun. You can get a cheap one at Amazon. Or you can spend $50 on a really good one.

The only thing to remember is that the heat gun gets really hot so you have to gauge it carefully on your book or product packaging because you can damage the book cover or packaging, or even the product if you are not paying attention.

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