Hand Drawn Whiteboard Video Marketing Ideas For Online and Offline Marketing!

whiteboard animationOne of the hottest trends on the Internet, besides videos, are eBooks. There are millions of self published authors writing stories, guides, poetry, recipes, jokes and white papers and self publishing them as an eBook.

The advantage is that there are millions people who like to read eBooks on their Kindle or tablet, and it’s a growing market.

The problem is that it is a crowded market, so you have to do more than just upload your eBook now. You have to promote it. One way to do this is through video, and a whiteboard hand drawn animation video is a great way to draw attention and build a following.

Here is one example of a whiteboard video for a Drum Building Book…

That was an example of how to help market your printed book using video scribing, but you can easily do the same thing for an ebook. It really doesn’t matter whether it’s an eBook or a printed book.

Ecommerce Video Marketing:

The world has gone online, and so have many businesses. The trend of online businesses is only growing with each passing day; however their success is still dependent on marketing skills.

If there is a downside to online businesses, especially those selling products is that you cannot touch or feel the product or check for quality.

Consumers are pretty much making a blind guess, and the only way they can make a guess about the quality of the product is by the quality and attractiveness of the website. And whiteboard animations can greatly help in making a good impression.

There are many whiteboard animation ideas that you can use for your online business. For example, you can offer an interesting and engaging video explaining the shipping process.

If your website offers games, online classes or services, then you can also offer interesting and customized videos of the whole process, how a user can benefit from it, and where the user is headed.

For instance, for a computer game subscription you can offer a funny video of where the gamer will be headed or what he can expect at various stages. Or for tutorials or online classes you can offer an outline of the course’s contents and what the student will have achieved by the end of the course.

These are a few of the many possibilities of how you can incorporate whiteboard animations. The bottom line is a visitor is likely to sign up if he already has a good idea what lies ahead, or where his money is headed. And it will be way more interesting than offering textual instructions.

Unique Example Of How A Website Highlights The Reasons Why You Should Order From Them…

This video is a good example of how to use whiteboard animation to highlight the reason why a customer should order from you. Never underestimate the ignorance of your audience. Provide them with the best benefits and reasons why they should do business with you. And using a whiteboard video is a great way to explain it to them in a dramatic eye catching way. Watch this video now:

Local Service Related Business:

If there is one difficulty facing service providers, it is the lack of options when it comes to proving the quality of their services or to explain to consumers exactly how they can facilitate them.

For instance, the chances of anybody going through the website of a realtor explaining all the ways they can help home owners or buyers with the help of long articles are relatively low.

However, if the same procedure is used to show how they tackle legal issues, the taxes, property management etc. is channeled via an interesting video they can make a lasting impact.

Statistics show that videos have the potential to increase viewership or conversion rates up to 300 percent, and where videos are alternatives to a lot of technical or boring terminologies, the chances increase all the more.

Here Is A Video For Our Salon and Spa That Is Used to Thank Potential Customers When They Sign Up For A Coupon Subscription Online:

What About Voice-Over Rather Than Music?

So you noticed that all the videos were just music based. The cat’s out of the bag! I personally had these made because I worked on or own the products or businesses above, and went the cheap route. I did this because:

  • I was in a hurry.
  • I wanted to test them first.

I really need to test voice-over because it’s going to add a totally unique feel to the videos. This will be my next project. Care to join me? Get one done for your business. They are not very expensive and the results could be pretty amazing!

You can easily add your own voice over to the animation, or hire someone to do it for you. You can do just about anything you want. And the final outcome is really exciting.

How Much Is Whiteboard Animation ?

You can get someone to do it for as little as $50 (for a short one like the ones above), and without voice-over. But it’s better to hire a good firm to do it right, and the way you want it done. These types of companies will generally cost $199 (which is not very much considering what you get. It’s better.), and up.

  • I recommend HypnoVid. Full disclosure: I will get a small commission if you sign up through the link. However, their videos are stunning. Check them out if this is something you want to do.

As you can see there are hundreds of ways to use Whiteboard Animation videos to market your business, product, or service. Don’t do it yourself. Work with someone to help you create something top notch, fast.

Let me know if you your thoughts on this, or if you have questions by commenting below.

There are four terms that I have read which describes whiteboard animation videos:

Video Scribing: – the main software program used to create the videos is called Video Scribe. It takes time to learn and is quite interesting if you have the time to learn to use it effectively for marketing. Creating vides using this software program is called ‘Video Scribing’.

Hand Drawn Whiteboard videos: You’ll see a hand used in the videos that appears to be writing the and drawing on a whiteboard in your videos. That is why some people use this term.

Hand Drawn Stop Motion: Although some people confuse this with whiteboard animation, it is actually different because stop motion is much more manual and requires a lot of time and effort to create. Whereas, whiteboard video-scribing, although quite time consuming and technical is not as manually intensive as stop motion.

Speed Drawing: There are many artists who have discovered that if they film themselves drawing and put it on fast forward it will look really cool. This is different than a whiteboard animation in that a whiteboard animation video is a computer generated simulation. But a speed drawing is a real person really drawing.

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  1. Hi Brian, thanks for the great info. I definitely agree that Whiteboard Animation is a terrific way to market a business. The videos are engaging and generally right to the point. Here’s a video we had done for another business of mine: http://youtu.be/7SLZDudBs1w
    We had ours done for about $45 and the guy was terrific and easy to work with.
    All the best,

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