How To Add A Video Trailer To Your Youtube Channel!

Adding a Youtube Video Trailer to your Channel is a great way to engage visitors to your channel, build your brand, and increase your subscriptions. But getting it set up is a little tricky if you don’t know how to navigate through Youtubes interface.

So here’s how ad add a video trailer to your channel.

Step 1: Got your channel:


Step 2: To to your Settings:


Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of your Youtube settings and click on the link that says View your account status and feature availability…youtube-3


Step 4: Click the Verify Button and verify your account.


Step 5: Choose to be sent a text or an email.


Step 6: Go to your channel after you have verified your account. Hover over the bar as shown in this image until a little edit pen appears. Click the Pen and then click add trailer…


Step 8: Select a video from you list of videos in the pop up or copy and paste the url of the video you want as your trailer…


youtube-10  youtube-12

Congratulations! You now have a video trailer that will automatically play when someone enters you video channel page. This is a great way to build your brand, get more subscribers, and wow your potential customers.

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