How To Make Money With PLR

Many newbie marketers want to learn how to make money with PLR, and the truth is, it’s not difficult. In fact it’s quite easy – if you have a list. And if you have a list that means you probably have a site that gets traffic, or you are buying traffic to build your list.

But if you don’t have traffic, or you don’t have a site, but you want to make money with PLR, then you need to start with the basics (skip down if you already know this part)…

First, start building a site. Build a quality site with killer content that the search engines can’t ignore. I will not go into how to build a site because there are numerous tools and courses on how to accomplish this important task using WordPress or other tools. You can read my free ebook on the subject.

The good news is that PLR is a solid content marketing tool for online businesses – if done correctly…

There are many ways to use PLR to grow your business. But the problem is that most beginner Internet marketers don’t use it the right way and either hurt their business, or don’t get the results they were trying to achieve.dollar bill

How To Get PLR:

You can buy PLR for any number of websites online. Some are good, some are terrible. It can be hit and miss in terms of quality. You can buy PLR content for as little as one dollar per article, or per ebook page! But you have to know where to get the good stuff…

I’ve always received good quality PLR from this website. It’s run by Tiffany Dow (yes that is my affiliate link. It’s OK to use it and give me credit for any purchases you make – if you don’t want to give me credit then just go to…

She is a writer and online marketer with an exceptional talent for writing. She started as a ghost rider and was hired by several big name marketers to write their ebooks and articles. I think I hired her back before she became a guru.

You definitely want to stick with a good quality PLR provider and PLRMiniMart is the only one that I have consistentl received excellent quality PLR from. I have bought from about 10 others PLR sites, and even from some sellers on a couple of Internet Marketing Forums, and only a few of the dozens of PLR articles and ebooks I purchased were satisfactory. So stick with PLR MiniMart.

In addition to PLRMiniMart, I have my own series of PLR ebooks which very few people know about, and the prices are ridiculous. I had them created for niches that I intended to go into but did not have. I paid as much as $300 to have one of them created. They are all good.

What To Do With PLR: Here Are 8 Ways To Use PLR To Grow Your Online Business:

  • Lead Generators: You can get a quality PLR ebook or report and give it away in exchange for your prospects contact information. This is one of the most common uses of PLR because list building is your key to large profits online. You can’t make very much if you don’t have a decent list.
  • Content: You can buy PLR article packs and use them on your blog or website to get free traffic from the search engines. But you have to re-write them so that you are not putting up the same content as other people who have the same article packs.
  • Autoresponders: Content isn’t just for your website. You can use the article packs or break up a PLR ebook and send it in separate emails via your auto responder. This is a great way to build a relationship with your list and gain trust by sending them good quality content, and you don’t necessarily have to re-write it because it’s not going on your website. But you should definitely read it and re-write it if it doesn’t suit your niche properly.
  • Article Submission: A good way to get traffic and links back to your site is to submit articles to quality article directories. Be sure you re-write your articles when you do this so that you are not submitting duplicate content. Article directories are very strict about this now.
  • Bonuses: If you have a course or ebook of your own you are selling, bundle up two or three quality PLR ebooks with it as a bonus for ordering promptly and you’ll bump up your conversions.
  • Small Business Marketing: You can get PLR ebooks printed up for offline marketing to small businesses, or you can offer printed versions of your PLR ebooks to your customers if you are a small business owner. I’ve done this myself. You can also get them printed up and sell them to small business owners as gifts to provide their clients. Tell them that you can have their business information put on the book, and give them to their clients as a thank you gift.
  • Print Newsletters: Sending a newsletter is a very effective tool for small business owners. I use them in our small business very successfully, and getting PLR content to help fill up the newsletter is very helpful. You can create print newsletters and sell them to small business owners, or create a newsletter business for small business owners.
  • Videos: You can turn any ebook or article into a video and upload it to Youtube or other video sites. This is a proven way to get more traffic and links back to your site. All you have to do is either load the content into a Powerpoint and use Camtasia to video tape the powerpoint and record audio, or you can simple read the content and use images on the screen as you read through the information, and highlight important points.

Make Money PLR Example:

Lets use an example of how to build an online business using PLR content, OK?

If you already have a website in specific niche then get article packs and an eBook to use on your site for content, and use them in your email autoresponder to build your list (and build a relationship with your list).

For example, I have a site on organic gardening. Here is a breakdown of a basic content marketing and PLR money making strategy I have used and that you can model using organic gardening as the subject…

Here Are The Basic Steps To Making Money With PLR and Building Your Online Business:

  • Purchase as many PLR articles on the subject of your niche as possible, and get one or two eBooks, or more.
  • Use these articles to build content on your site (after re-writing them).
  • In addition put up an email capture form on your sidebar which will offer the one of the books for free in exchange for an email address.
  • Lastly, use some of the articles in your auto-responder messages to build expertise status with your audience and build a tighter bond with your list.
  • After 4-7 messages  follow up with an offer. It’s that simple.

What Will I Sell To My List That I Built Using PLR?

  1. Either hire someone to write a specialized eBook on a subject closely related to organic gardening, or whatever niche you are in write it yourself.
  2. Find two or three more eBooks on the subject of gardening or whatever your niche is, check them for quality, and offer them as a bonus for buying the main ebook you created.

Other options:

  1. Interview experts in Organic gardening and either create the eBook out of those interviews, or offer the interviews and transcripts as a bonus for ordering the main eBook.
  2. Using gardening as the subject, create plans for things such as garden shed, container garden, landscape plans, etc. which you can sell, giveaway, or offer as bonuses.

There are many ways to make money with PLR, just use your imagination and most important – TAKE ACTION!

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  1. I read the entire article and didn’t find out what PLR stands for.
    I like your info and what you are doing.
    Are you interested in your Type O’s ?
    I never want to be one of those commenters.
    You know one of those KIA’s

    • Thanks for your comments. Please let me know about typo’s…I write fast due to massive time constraints so I don’t really check as much as I should. PLR stands for Private Label Rights – in other words you are buying rights to use content for web pages, books, etc.

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