How To Increase Traffic By 53%!

This article on how to increase traffic and recover from the Google updates is for SEO dummies, like myself. It’s for the average Internet marketer who is not technical and does not know all the in’s and outs of SEO.

I Was Living The High Life Up Until Late 2011 – 2012!

Here’s one screen shot of a niche website that I built over a few years, in a really lazy way. I was getting a fair amount of traffic and making a small monthly income without doing much work. I had a total of 754 pages on this site, about 70% was user generated content (people who were submitting their own content to my site):

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.26.35 AM Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.36.44 AM

Most of the traffic was coming from Google and Bing at the time:

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.37.07 AM

My traffic was nearly cut in half:

But then traffic plummeted in late 2012 on this site and all my other sites after Google started making massive changes to their search results algorithm. 

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.23.17 AMHere’s where I was getting most of my organic traffic in late 2012:

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.22.20 AM

I went into a depression because my sites were getting crushed and my income was cut down significantly. So rather than do something about the websites I just let them sit, hoping that things would change. But they didn’t. So after about two years I decided that I really need to increase traffic. So I had to take some steps to find out what was wrong with my sites, particularly this and another niche sit because they were my better performing ones.

I’ll tell you what I did in a moment. But almost immediately after making some changes to my site I started to see results.

Here is the rebound I made as of this year and was able to increase traffic by 53%!Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.24.37 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.25.11 AM

As you can see Google started to like my site again, and it’s making more money. It’s not back to where it was before but keep in mind that there are only 354 total pages on this site now rather than 750 in 2011, and I am getting referrals from other sites to make up for the loss from Google. But overall I significantly increased traffic with almost half the pages, and I did all this work part time over a period of a few weeks.

8 Tips To Recover From Googles Updates and Get More Search Engine Traffic For Dummies!

Find All Pages With Terrible or Weak Content: Go through every single page on your site and delete the page if it’s weak or re-write it and make it a quality page on the topic. There’s no room for average or weak content anymore!

Combine Pages That Have Similar or Duplicate Content: If you have pages on similar subjects you should consider combining them into one killer article, unless each of them are really long. For example, if you have one page about chocolate frosting and sprinkles on cupcakes and another subject just on chocolate frosting and they are each about 750 words of good quality content, you may want to combine the two into one article.

Do Not Build Links Unless You Know What You Are Doing: I do not deal with link building anymore because I have been burned and bad links can hurt your site. But if you have really good content the links will come. If you build quality content the traffic and links will come! What movie does that sound like its from?

Write Killer Content For Quality Websites and Link Back To Your Site: Find websites or blogs in your niche and ask to write good content for them and then link back to your site. Or, you can go to sites like Hubpages and create killer content on a related subject and link back to your site. Hubpages gets good rankings, and the page you create there will rank quickly therefore giving you solid link juice and traffic you can count on.

Create Killer Youtube Videos and Link Back To Your Site: Creating content doesn’t just mean writing. Video is huge and always will be. Therefore create excellent videos and link back to your site in the ‘about’ section as well as on your channel. I have a few good videos on how to do this on my video channel.

Build A Facebook Fan Page and Get Traffic Back To Your Site: Facebook is huge and you need to have a fan page because if you do things properly you will get traffic from Facebook back to your site as well as to your videos and pages you build on Hubpages. Be sure to read about my social media technique.

Build Your List and Bounce Them Back To Your Site: If you are not building a list you are losing out on lots of revenue and more traffic linking sources. So be sure you have a  subscription box and page on your site and be sure it’s converting. Send your list quality content that they can use and share with their network.

Get More Engagement By Asking Your Subscribers and Followers To Contribute: A huge part of my website marketing strategy is to get other people to send me content so I can use it as is or to build upon the content and make even more articles and even books and videos. It’s the most powerful technique in my arsenal.

Hope this helped. Let me know by commenting or liking my page. Thank you so much!

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