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reading a kindlePublishing a kindle ebook is quite easy once you do it a few times. Making money with a kindle ebook is fairly easy as well – but you have to follow a certain process.

I have been successfully selling kindle ebooks for almost three years now…

Success for me is making several hundred dollars per month. Making thousands per month is possible but challenging.

As you can see by this screen shot below, I have sold well over 50 kindle ebooks in an 11 day period. If you take into account the KDP select promotions, then I have sold over three hundred (click the image below and look all the way to the right).

kindle ebook sales

I’ll cover KDP select promotions in a moment.

I am going to cover how to publish a basic how to guide or recipe book.

I am just now testing a fiction book (short story). Selling fiction is a little bit different because selling a how to guide or recipe book is easier due to the fact that you want your book to be found based upon a search for a particular subject, or solution to a problem. You can’t really do this as well with fiction or non fiction.

If you want to sell a fiction kindle ebook you’ll need to do other types of promotions outside and inside of Amazon. It’s harder work in my opinion, but if that is your thing you should get this book on how to write fiction and publish it successful.

8 Simple Kindle eBook Publishing Steps:

  • Step 1: Select a niche by going to Amazon and finding ebooks that are selling in a specific niche. Use the Google keyword tool (it’s free) to uncover other niches as well, and cross reference them on Amazon.
  • Step 2: Write your ebook. It doesn’t have to be a massive book. It can be a short report. But it has to be good! Do not find cheap PLR, re-write it, and expect it to be good (unless you truly re-write it well and and make it better by including images and case studies, examples etc.).
  • Step 3: Title your ebook around your specific keyword phrase that you are targeting on Amazon. For example, if your ebook is about side saddle horse back riding then maybe title it like this:
  • Side Saddle Horseback Riding Made Easy
  • Side Saddle Horseback Basics
  • Side Saddle Guide

proven user generated content

These are boring titles but they are specifically targeting a keyword phrase (that I grabbed out of thin air so don’t use it unless it’s selling on Amazon or has potential to sell). You can probably do a bit better.

My most recent guide is called ‘Proven User Generated Content’. Since my guide is about getting user generated content to help you become more successful online, I chose a boring title.

However, I think putting ‘Proven’ at the beginning makes it more appealing, and it is the truth. I really show you Proven ways to get user generated content.

  • Step 4: Build a KILLER ebook cover. Your cover is very important. Forget about the old saying, ‘Never judge a book by it’s cover’ because people do. Your ebook cover has to stand out, and the title should be easy to read.
  • Step 5: Format your ebook for Kindle. Use MobiPocket Creator, and upload your final version (the .prc file) along with your cover in the kindle platform. You can get a kindle account here.
  • Step 6: Choose to have your kindle ebook enrolled in the Kindle KDP Select program. Read about it for details. Basically you are allowing Amazon to have exclusivity to sell your ebook on Amazon (Kindle). In other words, you will not be able to sell it outside of Amazon for at least three months (check the details). It has advantages…
  • Step 7: Do not sit around and wait for it to sell. It won’t. You need to get it ranked. The fastest way to do this is to run a ‘promotion’ through your promotions manager which is only available to KDP select titles. When you run a promotion you are offering your ebook for free to Kindle owners. When you do this you will see sales under the ‘Free Units Promo’ colum in your Reports (look at mine above).

You want to run a free promotion so that you get people interested in your book, and writing reviews of it. Because when Amazon sees that it’s selling, and people are writing positive reviews it will rank higher and higher.

If your ebook drops in rank after several months, and it’s not selling, run another promotion.

Step 8: Rinse and repeat.

This is a very basic step by step guide, but it works for me. It brings in an extra $200 – $400 per month. And that is without doing any promotions for almost two years on any books. I’ve neglected it. But now I am back because I want to get my income up to $1000 per month on the Kindle platform alone.

Kindle eBook Publishing and What I am Doing Now:

I am turning some of my older ebooks (non kindle) and content that I have not used in a while and either creating kindle ebooks out of it or putting it up on my niche websites, or Squidoo lenses.

I am hiring writers to write fiction. This is a test program that I am excited about, but I also know it’s very hard to make money selling stories. We’ll see!

Recommended Kindle eBook Publishing Software.

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