How To Make Money With PLR

Many newbie marketers want to learn how to make money with PLR, and the truth is, it’s not difficult. In fact it’s quite easy – if you have a list. And if you have a list that means you probably have a site that gets traffic, or you are buying traffic to build your list.

But if you don’t have traffic, or you don’t have a site, but you want to make money with PLR, then you need to start with the basics (skip down if you already know this part)…

First, start building a site. Build a quality site with killer content that the search engines can’t ignore. I will not go into how to build a site because there are numerous tools and courses on how to accomplish this important task using WordPress or other tools. You can read my free ebook on the subject.

The good news is that PLR is a solid content marketing tool for online businesses – if done correctly…

There are many ways to use PLR to grow your business. But the problem is that most beginner Internet marketers don’t use it the right way and either hurt their business, or don’t get the results they were trying to achieve. Continue reading

Frontend Image Add Plugin Directions

user generated contentI have a plugin called Front End Image Ad. It’s pretty cool because you can put it on any page, and it gives people the ability to post an image and write about it on your blog so that you get content and images to use on your site.

Getting this kind of content is called user generated content.

Anyway, here’s how to use it…

Basic Directions On How To Use It:

How To Click Down To The Plugin:

There is a tag already attached to the Image Ad Plugin. After you place it on a page or post, put the following code at the beginning of your page if you want people to be automatically directed down to the area to insert an image and content as shown in the above video:

Lastly, there is a document that you can use if you don’t have an agreement for when people submit content and images. They must click the box which they must agree to the terms. I created one for you to use which is in your download material but you should tweak it for your site.

Create a page, and put it in the plugin.

Don’t Have The Plugin? Get It Here Now.

The Frontend Image Add plugin is all about turning your traffic and subscribers into content creators for your site. It will work best when you ask your current subscribers on your list to contribute to the subject (the page). So build your list and use the plugin to snowball your content and images on your blog.

But that’s not all it’s good for. You can use this plugin to get testimonials, create videos, and even create a book you can sell on Amazon or other publishing platforms. And I’ve done it all using the same or similar system. I’ve done it without the plugin by simply asking for pictures, reviews, and stories depending on the subject.

Read more about exactly how I accomplished this and more here.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to use the ‘submissions guidelines’ page so that you get yourself covered (you’re never totally safe when it comes to images, unfortunately. I have never had a problem using this strategy). You can copy my submissions guidelines page if you wish, just change it to suit your site or particular guidelines.

Here is a copy of my submissions guidelines page.

Let me know if you have any questions on it.

Kindle eBook Publishing Guide!

reading a kindlePublishing a kindle ebook is quite easy once you do it a few times. Making money with a kindle ebook is fairly easy as well – but you have to follow a certain process.

I have been successfully selling kindle ebooks for almost three years now…

Success for me is making several hundred dollars per month. Making thousands per month is possible but challenging.

As you can see by this screen shot below, I have sold well over 50 kindle ebooks in an 11 day period. If you take into account the KDP select promotions, then I have sold over three hundred (click the image below and look all the way to the right). Continue reading

Make Money From Thrift Stores!

Here’s how I make money from thrift stores and you can too! What I do is not rocket science, but I think it might inspire you. You may want to read my first article called Operation Thrifting For Gold because it was my first ‘case study’ and my readers really enjoyed it.

There is quite literally treasure in most thrift stores waiting to be found…

Today, I went to two thrift stores and spent a total of 2 hours, including getting in my car and driving there and back, and I picked up at least three hundred dollars worth of goods. At least!

Let me show you about 60% of my booty:

thrift store finds

As you can see in this picture of my thrift store finds (from one small store), I got some interesting things. Most of them are worth good money, and my return on investment will be significant. This is not everything! I got 7 more books in addition to all this… Continue reading

Need UPC Codes For Amazon?

Here’s how to get UPC codes for your products so you can list them on Amazon, or other websites that require a UPC code…

Legal Stuff: This article if for informational purposes only. Do your own research before taking my recommendations or advice.

Here’s what a UPC code broker has to say and he is also the person I trust on this:

“You have two choices when purchasing UPC Codes. You can buy directly from GS1 or you can buy from a reseller such as us. The benefits of buying from a reseller is obviously the price. When you purchase UPC codes from a reseller you are buying a “lot” of codes within a shared prefix, when you purchase from GS1 you are buying an entire prefix.”

I have million dollar bills! Yes, I do. They are fake, so don’t get all jealous of me. Anyway, for the longest time I couldn’t figure out how to get them listed for sale on Amazon and some other sites that require UPC codes.

But finally I was able to get a UPC barcode and then list them on Amazon! Here’s my UPC code in barcode format (which I’ll never use):

million dollar upc barcode

Here’s my Amazon Barcode Label:

amazon barcode label

So How Did I Accomplish This?

I did a little research a year ago and I discovered that, it’s freak’n confusing! So I stopped looking, and a year later I started in again because my million dollar bills are awesome and I want to list them for sale. I mean, they are better than all the other ones so why should they get all the sales?

Click here to get UPC codes for as little as $1.29 each! It’s where I bought mine, and they work just fine on Amazon

So here’s what I discovered in regards to getting UPC codes for your hard good products for sale… Continue reading

How To Get User Generated Content!

relaxing at computer

Get other people to create unique content and images for you so you can sit back and watch the traffic come steadily in…

I am getting user generated content to build my web businesses. Except for some copying and pasting and moving some images around for my own uses, it’s all on autopilot.

What Is User Generated Content?

User generated content is when a visitor to your website, or a person on your list, writes content, provides images, or a video for you to use on your website (or even for other purposes). Continue reading

Pen Name Legalities For Authors and Marketers!

pen nameMy pen name guide (pseudonym): I was concerned about the legalities of using a pen name for ebooks, websites (blogs), and even webinars or teleseminars. So I hired a lawyer to do a write up about the legal in and outs of using a pen name for writing or online marketing.

What he wrote is in ‘legaleze’ so hopefully you can wrap your head around it. Continue reading

How To Embed A Youtube Video In A Craigslist Ad!

video playerIf you want to embed a video in a craigslist ad you can’t do it anymore but there are new workarounds that will help you.

ATTENTION: Read Craigslist’s Terms Of Use before linking from your ad in any way.

I just uploaded a new ad to craigslist with video embedded in it (sort of).

But when I was placing my ad there was a note from craigslist stating that they will not allow self hosted images in the ads ‘very soon’. Continue reading

My Goal – To Build A Money Making App!

brian maroevichThere are many software programs and websites that will show you how to build an app without coding. Some of these sites are really amazing. Some are junk.

In this article I am going to show you two resources that you can play around with which will help you build an app quickly even if you can’t code, learn how to build an app with very little coding.

But that’s not all! Wow I really sound like a salesman there. Sorry. Anyway, I am going to show you how I am getting a real money making app built by a developer (at least I hope so. No promises).

I chart my progress so you can learn from it. Does that sound good? Give me a ‘Yeah!’ and click the like button above or below if that sounds good ok?

Lets begin…

The first resource that will get your feet wet in free app building and getting a feel for app building is called Appgeyser. It’s fairly user friendly, and it’s mostly free. I think it’s a really good first step for beginner app builders (and I am a beginner. I actually not interested in learning how to code either. But if that is your thing, you go Girl! More on this later).

The second free resource for building apps is called Buzztouch. This is a more advanced app building software program and training area. It’s excellent because they teach you how to build apps using code and they have a great forum. The cool thing about it is that you can’t get to the next ‘lesson’ until you pass a test on the previous less. So by the time you are done, you are a real app builder. This is highly recommended.

After you get your feet wet in one or both of those free resources you may want to hire a developer to build a money making app for you.

The reason I am getting a money making app build is because:

  • I am an internet marketer and if I don’t get an app built (and I mean a real app that gets listed on the Android and/or Apple platform, not a free app made from your website), then I am not staying on top of my game.
  • Apps are cool.
  • I can say I have my very own app.
  • We need an app for our brick and mortar business (so I might have this one built at the same time as my ‘money making app’).

Full disclosure: I purchased 3 books on app building and app marketing, and have not read one of them (they are loaded on my kindle and I starting reading one of them about 6 months ago and never got past page 3). I recently saw a video by some guy named Chad Murreta who is some app business building guru. It was a free video which was his ‘lead generator’ that is selling his ridiculously expensive course on building and marketing an app. Maybe it’s good but I am not spending $700 on it. I can pay someone to build one with that money. And that’s exactly what I am going to an app

Step 1 To Building An App Without Coding: Find an app.

Ha! You’re probably thinking, ‘Why would I find an app? I want to build one!’ And that’s exactly the mistake I almost made a year ago (yes, I dabbled with hiring an app developer and, well, we have three children under 6 years old so this went nowhere).

Well, I figured that I might as well find an app that seems to be doing OK, but could possibly use some work, model (not copy it), and try to make it better.

My first choice was to build a metric calculator. It seems simple, and it could be done quickly. The problem is that there are many of them, and they are all really good.

So last night, May 16th 2013, I found an app. I am not going to tell you what it is because unfortunately I don’t know you and frankly, my ideas have been ripped off before (here’s what I mean – this guy took my guide I created and tried to sell it on…he even copied my actual post from the Warrior forum to use as his description).

OK, so Step 1 is complete. I am going to go with this app, and show it to some potential developers to get their opinions on it.

Step 2 To Building An App Without Coding: Android, iPhone, or both?

Coding for the Android and iPhone platforms is different. So you have to hire a developer who specialized in one or both. Originally I wanted to start with the iPhone because it was the most popular smart phone a year or two ago. Now, the Android is the most popular and steadily growing. I have an iPhone so this might be weird.

Anyway, I am going to hire an Android developer…

Step 3 To Building An App Without Coding: Hire an App Developer.

If you can’t code like me, then you can’t build an app. So what do you do? You find someone who can. But you don’t just go out and hire your brother friend who lives in his moms basement. You have to outsource carefully. I am very experienced in outsourcing. I outsource almost daily for content; a little SEO here and there, image editing and creating, and a little video stuff here and there as well.

But I am not experienced in getting an app created and I am not 100% certain of what I am doing since all I know about apps is that they are on my iPhone and they are really cool.

But, I feel if I provide a model for them to go by I have a better chance of success. As of right now I am interviewing app developers. I’ll post updates shortly.

Update: May 17th 2013.

I placed an ad on Odesk that said this:

I have an idea of an app I need created for the Android. I am open to doing it on iphone as well. It will be in the area of sounds and creating sounds.

I want to model an app that is already on the market but make it better.

Isn’t that a terrible job posting? I can’t believe I actually only wrote that much. And the only reason I can think of is because I am so used to writing short postings on freelancer sites for content, which usually doesn’t require very much detail.

The result of that ad was 21 applicants for the job. I messaged 6 of them based upon their overall feedback and hours worked on Odesk, app portfolio, and also taking into consideration their rate.

I decided upon a coder who works with an agency because I also liked the fact that he was getting back to me in the morning (Pacific time) and was very responsive.

His rate to complete the app was just $200. But I am sure it will be more because changes will need to be made, and I have to pay to have this app loaded onto Google Play.

How To Build A Money Making App Part II

So it’s been 6 days since I started this project and I ran into some roadblocks. I did anticipate some roadblocks, but the one roadblock I am having trouble managing is ‘doubt’. I am pretty sure this first idea is not going to make any money so I am going to get it done just for the experience and move on to another app idea that may make some money. But for now I want to complete this current project.

The second roadblock I had was a ‘duh’ mistake.  I have an iPhone and can’t view the mock ups on my iPhone. I thought I could use an emulator for the Android but that isn’t possible, from what I understand, so I bought a Galaxy S3.

Now I can download the work they have done so far…wait not so fast! I had trouble downloading the work they have done so we are at a stand still today.

May 24th. I finally figured out how to view and test an app that my developers are working on my Android phone. I shot this video because I figured the problem I was having may be the same problem someone else is having:

A this point I am happy to show you my first app because it’s not in a money making market in my opinion. There are many other similar apps that are probably better. It’s not bad, but it’s not good. It will be a free app and I’ll put ads on it for a revenue source.

I need a good app if I want to make money, and a good app in a niche market. And that’s what I have another developer working on. I feel it will make a little bit of money, and then I will work from there.

My first app is called Annoying Sounds. I was modeling another app called Annoying Noises. My app is a silly, maybe even ‘stupid’ app. Here is what the mock up version looks like:

annoying sounds app

The sounds are mostly pretty annoying. You can set your ringtone to the annoying sound of your choice by touching the sound you want, and then selecting the red gear button, and then choosing ringtone.

annoying sounds app settings

This would make a good prank by getting your friend to download it and then setting his or her ringtone to the scream or maybe even the fart. Imagine your friend talking with a girl he likes and then calling him!

So that’s my first app. I am not expecting any revenue to write home about from it. But the experience of building it, testing it was the reward…

Money Making App Problem #1:

I had trouble getting the app on my phone to test it. I’ll explain how I solved this problem shortly.

Why MLM Is For Suckers!

mlm sucksMLM and Network marketing sucks. Why does it suck so much? Because the entire business model is built around a big giant greedy bubble I call the MLM Bubble…

What Is The MLM Bubble Brian?

I am so glad you asked. First, I want to state that this article is totally based upon my opinion and experience dealing with MLM companies and quite a few ‘distributors’ over the years.

Let me start with explaining why MLM or Network marketing companies become MLM or Network marketing companies in the first place.

HUGE Competition!

If you notice, many of the big MLM companies are in the health and beauty products business. You know, vitamins, drinks, lotions, potions and make up? Continue reading