Kindle eBook Publishing Guide!

reading a kindlePublishing a kindle ebook is quite easy once you do it a few times. Making money with a kindle ebook is fairly easy as well – but you have to follow a certain process.

I have been successfully selling kindle ebooks for almost three years now…

Success for me is making several hundred dollars per month. Making thousands per month is possible but challenging.

As you can see by this screen shot below, I have sold well over 50 kindle ebooks in an 11 day period. If you take into account the KDP select promotions, then I have sold over three hundred (click the image below and look all the way to the right). Continue reading

Sell On Amazon and Ebay In 7 Steps!

goodwill storeHere’s how to find stuff to sell on Amazon and Ebay Step by Step. It’s so easy you can do this on a lunch break or when you are getting a cup of coffee.

Follow these 7 steps to making extra money working a few hours a week (at most). It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s profitable:

Step 1: Find Goodwill, Salvation Army, good thrift stores, even a TJMax, CVS, Wallgreens, Rite Aid, or Toys R Us (for starters) surrounding your home.
Step 2: Get the FBA Scan app for your iphone or Android. Also, I suggest you get the Amazon and eBay apps as well.

Step 3: Set aside at least $20 – $100 to spend (don’t worry about this yet. But the more money you can spend, the better).

Step 4: Get lunch. Eat fast, and then head over to one, several, or all of the stores listed above.

thrift store booksStep 5: If you go to Goodwill or Salvation Army, go to the book section, dvd section, toys, and household items, and look for items that look new or are in good condition. Scan the barcode on these items through FBA Scan or with the Amazon scanning app (FREE!), and see what you come up with (see the article on how to scan items if this is confusing to you).

If you go to the retail stores, look for clearance items, and items that are discounted deeply or are on special. You’ll see signs and stickers. Sometimes you have to walk to the back or ask an employee.

There is always going to be specials and clearance items at the retails stores. That’s the good news. The better news is that the most clearance items will be available shortly after Christmas, and after other Holiday promotions because they have to get rid of inventory. I have found great items that are below wholesale this way.

Step 6: No Barcode? No problem. Look this item up manually on Amazon using the app (you could actually just use this app on its own for looking up pricing, but it has its limitations).

You can manually type in the name of the item, or use the ‘Snap It’ feature, which works well for books and dvd’s. Or, search for the item on Google or Bing and see what comes up.

Search on Ebay as well and see if it sold and for how much (there are website apps that can tell you what to expect from different items. I don’t discuss this here, and I do not use them very much at this time, but I will in the future.

Do not discount Ebay. For example, I found an old booklet that I thought was worthless. At the last second I did a search on Bing and the first search result was for a closed Ebay listing where the same item in worse condition than mine sold for $122. This booklet only cost .50. I listed in two months later and got $117! Here’s proof:


Like I said, don’t dismiss items you think won’t sell or are worthless because there are many at every thrift store in America. I’ve found small items that sell well, and I thought for sure it was a waste of time. For example, I found some Dream Water that was only .99 cents. I listed them on Amazon and received $15 each. My net profit was $9.

SIDE BAR: Don’t worry about selling on Amazon yet, I am going to show you how to do it in a moment. There are two ways to do it (more on this in a moment).
You’ll find items like this as well.

Once you find an item with a good profit margin set the item into your basket and move on to the next item.

Some items are better sold on Ebay: Rare items, vintage items, and hard to find items.

items read to ship to amazonStep 7: Bring your items home and get ready to ship them to Amazon. Or, if they are not an FBA candidate, list them on eBay.

Listing things on eBay is easy, but you should do a very good job of taking pictures (and I mean an excellent job), because a bad picture or two can dramatically reduce you sales.

Conversely, a good picture and boost bidding significantly. It really matters. There are some great tools that help you take professional quality pictures of small and large items from your digital camera or smart phone. For example: get a lighting tent and lights, and a smartphone or digital camera stand. These two things alone with improve your sales.

How important are pictures? Some sellers buy on eBay and relist the same product after taking good pictures and writing excellent descriptions. I’ve done it myself.

Amazon FBA Selling Tools and Supplies List!

This List Of Tools and Supplies For Selling Through Amazon’s FBA Program Alone Is Worth Several Hundred Dollars In Time and Money Saved! Seriously…

I wish I had known this when I got started because it would have saved me time and money getting my first shipment uploaded, labels printed, and then the items shipped to Amazon:

  • You’ll need boxes. I use 14 x 14 x 14, 12 x 12 x12, and I also re-use boxes that I get when I order things for myself. You can order boxes at Uline, or you can try Staples (but they are expensive and I only use them in emergencies). However, good news! I found these boxes on Amazon for real cheap! There weren’t here before when we were searching for deals on boxes.
    Boxes For FBA Shipments
  • You’ll need labels. You are going to label items for the Amazon FBA program. The easiest way to get started is to use Avery 8160 (1” x 2 5/8”). There are 30 to a sheet. So you’ll also need a printer. Everyone has a printer right?

Avery 8160 labels

desktop barcode scanner

packing tape dispenser

fba shipping scale

  • You’ll need a tape measure to measure your boxes.

label peelers

  • You need a smart phone so you can use the apps to scan items when you are out scouting for products. I have used all the apps out there including FBA Scan. Now all I use is the Amazon app. I would use FBA Scan if I was doing more Library book sales, but I am not. If you are planning on going to Library books sales you’ll want to use  a separate scanner like this and link it to a program like FBA Scout.


Also, I found that the FBA Scan app wasn’t always accurate. I’ll do a review of the other apps on my website, but for now all you really need to get out there and start finding some treasure is the Amazon app if you are strapped for money, or use the FBA Scan App.

These Amazon Selling Tools and Supplies Are The Bare Bone Minimum Needed To Start Selling on The FBA Program…

These supplies and tools will get you started at the lowest out of pocket expense. But you will need other supplies as you go along.

For example:

  • If you find clothes that you want to sell, Amazon has certain requirements like putting them into a certain type of bag.
  • Another example is selling rare books, comics, DVD’s, CD’s, and even cassettes and VHS tapes (yes they actually sell). You may want to ‘board and back’ the comics and put the books into a zip lock bag to protect it from handling, or shrinkwrapping them. I do this myself. I have an old shrink wrap machine that bought over 10 years ago which is super handy for sealing DVD’s and books. Sometimes you want to really make an impact on your customer to get the positive feedback. This is probably something you should invest in. They are not very expensive.
  • You will also want to get FBA shipping labels for the box you will be shipping to Amazon. You can print on paper and tape of over it but this becomes a problem after a couple of shipments. I use Avery shipping labels.

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Operation Thrifting For Gold!

thrifting for profitsIn this post I am going to show you how I am making money buying from thrift shops and selling the goods for a huge profit!

I’m going to show you some of the goodies I’ve found at a couple of local and out of town thrift stores. But before I do this I want to give you a little back story…

About 1 year ago I got slammed by Google for no apparent reason. Most of my sites dropped in ranking, and a couple of sites lost a little bit of traffic. But then, Google Adwords shut my account down and would not tell me why.

I Felt Like A Loser!

I told this to my brother and he said, ‘Well, you must be doing something wrong.’ I explained my situation and he couldn’t believe what they did either! I can tell you more about it some other time… Continue reading

Making Money With!

As you may know by now, I sell eBooks and one printed book on, and the monthly checks are consistent from this effort. However, they are not huge. I don’t recommend this as a full time business model unless writing and selling books or eBooks is your passion.

However, I do believe in multiple channels of income. Selling ebooks on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and Apple is one of them. Here is a short introductory video on this:

Another channel I opened up several years ago is selling tangible products on Amazon. We list them, and then when someone orders we ship them! It’s simple (after you understand and navigate your way through their selling platform). Continue reading