12 Unusual Ways To Make Money Online!

Today, nearly 4 million Americans work from home. Some are forced by situations, while others prefer to work from home, and others just want to make some extra cash.

Whatever your reason is, making money from home has become easy due to the many opportunities available. Below are some of the unusual legitimate ways you can earn money online or from home.

Dungeons and Dragons: Be a Professional Dungeon Master on Roll20.net

The Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy roleplaying game whereby players are characters in an ongoing fantasy story.

The Dungeon Master is the game’s referee and storyteller and plays the role of the inhabitants while maintaining the setting in which the adventure occurs. He/she controls all the aspects of the game, apart from the actions of the player characters.

As a professional DM, you can make money DMing on Roll20.net. Roll20 provides a set of digital tools that expand pen-and-paper gameplay. It offers an excellent platform where professional Dungeon Masters can earn some cash.

You can charge as much as you want but the going rate is $10-$20 per person per game. I know DM’s who make a full time income. They love what they do, and they are very good at it. If you are into role playing this is definitely something you should consider, even as a player. I used to play a lot myself and wish I had more time for it myself.

Online Mock Jury

Lawyers hold mock trials to practice and refine their cases before going to court. Therefore, if you are interested in law or real-life cases, you can join an online mock jury and get paid to review cases and give your feedback.

There are many online mock jury companies, but the best is ejury.com. You can make about $5-$60 per case depending on the length and complexity of the case. However, you must be at least 18 years old and a citizen of the United States. Other sites that hire mock jurors include onlineverdict.com and jurytalk.com.

Gigwalk – Get Paid for Walking around Town

Gigwalk is a crowd-sourced service that pays users to walk around and do some tasks. Companies or individuals posts gigs for Gigwalkers to perform, and sets a price on each job. Such tasks include taking pictures of restaurants, menus, and information about roads.

Once you complete a task, Gigwalk reviews your work and deposits the payment into your PayPal account. Gig rates range from $3 to $100 depending on the details of the task. To become a Gigwalker, download the app, register your account, link your PayPal, and choose the tasks that interest you.

Voice Over Jobs

There are several companies that pay people with unique voices to record their voices from home. Whether it is for audiobooks, commercials, radio and television ads, or movie trailers, there are many opportunities out there for anyone interested in such kind of gigs.

All you need is a unique and clear-speaking voice, a computer, a microphone, and recording software. Work is paid depending on the length of the script. Companies that offer home-based voice over jobs include Voice Bunny, Snap Recordings, Voice123, and Voice.com.

Become a Professional Cuddler

According to scientific research, cuddling can help calm someone down, relieve pain, boost immune, reduce stress, and lower the risk of heart pressure. Therefore, some people are willing to hire “professional cuddlers” just to cuddle them. If you have a compassionate heart and ability to engage in touch with strangers comfortably, then you can earn a living by offering cuddling services.

A cuddling session can cost the client about $60 to $100 per hour/session. The session can take place in your home, office or the client’s home. Some companies where you can enroll as a professional cuddler include Cuddle Comfort and Snuggle Buddies.

Pleio GoodStart: Earn by Reminding People to Take Their Medications

Pleio may hire you to work as a “Good Starter.” This role involves calling patients that have prescriptions or sending them reminders to help them remember to take their meds.

The company hires you as an independent contractor; hence, you can work from the comfort of your home and do the job as a part-time gig. You can make about $10 to $15 per hour, but the rate depends on the drug program and the hours and days of the week you work. You must be a United States resident, but the company does not accept applicants from Ohio, Wyoming, Washington, and North Dakota.

Get Paid to Exercise and Lose Weight

There are several opportunities out there designed to help you earn cash while you lose weight. Other than getting the money, you also learn to adopt healthy practices and help others lead a healthy lifestyle.

You win money by placing a bet on the amount of weight you intend to lose and how long you will take. You then choose how much money you are willing to wager, such that, if you fail to hit your target you lose the money, and if you reach your goal, you earn some. Companies that offer such opportunities include HealthyWage, DietBet, and StickK.

Get Paid To Pick Out Clothes For Shoppers From Your Home

Companies such as Stitch Fix and Bombfell hire home-based stylists to pick out clothes for their clients. Clients sign up, and give information about their personal style and the companies send them a box full of clothes based on their personal preferences.

Your job is to pick out clothes for the subscribers, working from the comfort of your home. Therefore, you can work 15-30 hours a week and make some extra bucks.

CrowdFlower Contributor

CrowdFlower is a company that pays people to complete small tasks such as data collection, content moderation, and data categorization. The company works with anyone who has data skills. Once you complete a task, CrowdFlower deposits the money into your PayPal account.

Micro-tasking gives you freedom and allows you to work at your pace, and quickly complete a few tasks at your convenience. If you want to become a contributor, signup and start completing tasks.

Earn Money Playing Games Online

If you love playing games online and have ample experience, you can earn by doing what you enjoy doing. You do not need to buy Xbox, PlayStation, or any other gaming console. All you need is a computer and the internet. Some games are based on tournaments while others allow you to play alone.

If you like to play online games then you may find InboxDollars.com is your ticket to having fun online and getting a small paycheck. It’s not just about games though. You’ll be taking surveys, watching videos, and even go shopping.

Other sites that pay you to play games include CashDazzle, and Swagbucks.

Find Coupon Codes and Get Paid If Someone Uses What You Found.

Coupon Chief is a website that allows you to post coupons you found somewhere online and then when someone actually uses the coupon you get a small finders fee (commission). Give it a shot if you are good at finding deals and discounts.

Social Media Management

Do you find yourself posting comments and pictures on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram? Do you get a good number of likes and shares? If you have skills in social media you have a talent that small and large business are desperate to harness.

You can market yourself to any number of small or large businesses and show them how they can get a more prominent presence online simply by using social media more effectively.

If you are too shy to approach a business then you may want to take a course on how to become a social media manager. There are may out there. Perhaps you should start with this book and take it from there.

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